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Magnetic Destoner Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India 

Magnetic Plate Manufacturer

Magnetic Destoner as the name represents is a tool to eliminate stones by means of its magnetic action. This tool is particularly very significant in food industries for removing stones from the food materials such as grains, pulses, etc. Our products have excellent properties such as sturdiness, durable life, ideal finishing, etc. The magnets employed are powerful and the product is so well designed that they execute the process very effectively in an unfailing manner. Our Magnetic Destoner is manufactured by means of the most advanced technology and comply with the norms laid by the industry hence are highly trusted and demanded in the market. Our products have great demand in the market and are particularly demanded in the cities such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, Surat, Chennai and Bangalore etc. We offer them at very cheap rates.


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